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Stylish Kitchens NorthamptonStylish Kitchens Northampton

Quality: It really is a no brainer when it comes to quality in a stylish kitchen. Low-quality cabinets, doors, worktops and appliances will inevitably become chipped, stained and broken over time- hardly a stylish look.
Therefore, it is paramount that you choose the highest quality materials and appliances for your kitchen. Not only will the quality make your kitchen more practical but it will also last for many years and look as good as new. Here at Zest Kitchens Northampton, we can offer you beautiful stylish kitchens for your home. Whether you prefer modern, traditional, classic or contemporary, Zest can plan and design stunning kitchens throughout Northampton and the surrounding areas.

Longevity: When planning your kitchen, it is also important to consider the longevity of your design. Your colour schemes can make a big difference in the longevity of the style. Think carefully about the overall colour palette and choose a shade that will still look stylish in years to come. Is it a wise decision to choose bright colours or is it best to choose neutral and calming shades? If you are thinking of selling your property in the future or having it valued, then neutral shades such as greys and whites are a perfect choice. Not only do these colours look bright and airy but they can make your kitchen look minimal and super stylish.

Design: When it comes to design, minimal is always a great choice. Try to avoid cluttered countertops and appliances as the more spacious your kitchen appears to be, the more stylish it will look. When planning your design, think carefully about layout and storage options. It is wise to choose clever storage options which will hide all of your cooking equipment and utensils. There are also options for integrated appliances and hidden storage such as integrated fridge/freezers and integrated bins etc.

Practicality: For your kitchen to be stylish, it needs to suit you and your household. For example, if you a big family then it is a good idea to design a kitchen that is practical and tailored to you and your family’s individual lifestyle. If you have small children or toddlers it may be worth considering a handleless design or child-proofing your kitchen. If you have regular guests and visitors it may be worth planning a seating area for parties or socialising. Appliances can also make a big difference, using state of the art appliances can help your kitchen run more smoothly. Some popular innovative appliances such as boiling taps, induction hobs, warming drawers and combi ovens etc. Your kitchen should be designed to make your life easier so practicality is essential.

If you would like any more information about how to achieve the ultimate stylish kitchen, do not hesitate to contact us here at Zest Kitchens Northampton. We also cover Milton Keynes and Market Harborough.

Stylish Kitchens Northampton Stylish Kitchens Northampton Stylish Kitchens Northampton
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