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• Consider Built-in Appliances In smaller spaces, integrated appliances can be a game-changer. They can dramatically reduce clutter and give the appearance of an open, spacious kitchen. There are many things that can be integrated into your kitchen such as, ovens, bins, fridge freezers, induction hobs and extractor fans. There are even options for you to keep your worktops clutter-free such as integrated microwaves, sinks, hot taps and hidden, seamless cabinets to store all of your kitchenware. This leaves your kitchen looking minimal and enables you to have more space to prepare food and entertain friends and family.

• Opt for Smart Storage Solutions There are many innovative storage solutions available that can help to minimise clutter and free up valuable space. Along with the integrated appliances previously mentioned, you can also optimise your storage with a variety of multi-functional cabinets. For instance, corner cabinets are a great space-saver as they are hidden away and have a mechanism that allows you to pull out a large pantry from what looks like a small space. You can also optimise ceiling space by placing cabinets higher or adding shelves above your sink etc.

• The Brighter, The Better When it comes to choosing your cabinet and door colours, the brighter they are, the better. It is best to avoid black and very dark colours as this will make your kitchen appear smaller. Instead, opt for neutral colours such as whites, creams, beige or pastel shades as they are not only very adaptable but also make your kitchen feel bright and airy. This can make a huge difference in the size appearance of your kitchen. Here at Zest Kitchen Northampton, we have a wide choice of different coloured cabinets for you to choose from including Matte, Easy Touch and High-Gloss which is a perfect choice for making your kitchen appear bright and spacious.

• Clever Lighting and Flooring Light is essential to make your kitchen look bigger and it is important to make sure any sources of natural light are not obstructed. If you have any windows or glass doors in your kitchen, keep them clear of anything that may block out the light. Plenty of different artificial lights should be strategically placed for optimum results. Spotlights under cabinet doors can make your kitchen appear more spacious as well as changing the atmosphere, giving warmth to your kitchen. Steer clear of lampshades on your ceiling lighting to minimise shadows so your whole kitchen space will be well highlighted. Your choice of flooring should complement your cabinets, again sticking to light, neutral tones and is best placed in lengthways. This will help to elongate the room, creating the illusion of a wider space.

If you would like any more information about how we can help you to maximise your kitchen space and enlarge your square footage, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Zest Kitchens Northampton. We cover, Northampton, Market Harborough, Milton Keynes and Daventry.

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