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Concrete kitchens NorthamptonConcrete kitchens Northampton

A large range of stone-effect kitchens to choose from:

Textured stone-effect finishes are outstanding due to their accurate look and feel. At Zest Kitchens Northampton we offer a large range of stone-effect kitchens to suit everyone’s personal taste. The texture of a stone-effect finish speaks volume of luxury and high quality, but we’re able to offer an extensive choice at inexpensive prices.

Different kinds of stone-effect:

Concrete, Slate, Mable or Granite – there plenty of stone effects to choose from so please feel free to enquire so we are able to show you all of the available options. A considerable benefit is that the faint tones of stone will blend in easily with pretty much any colour scheme you may have in mind. They offer a creative backdrop that’s easy to build upon with colours of your choice.

Of all the stone effects, concrete is currently the most common. It gives a hard-wearing sense to surfaces and is durable as it doesn’t highlight stains or marks easily so a great choice with little maintenance. If you are looking a modern or minimalistic German kitchen, concrete offers an urban, minimalist feel. But it’s equally stunning at home in a more conventional setting where it can be offset with wood textures to produce a rural country atmosphere.

Benefits of texture in your material:

The advantage of texture is that it expands a new dimension to your kitchen design. Somewhat than a flat, one-dimensional result, texture provides depth and is more visually pleasing to surfaces. Materials such as slate are naturally textured, which gives them more character and appeal. That’s why stone-effect finishes stand out more and will enhance any style statement.

In kitchens, stone-effect is used for cabinets, worktops because it’s so adaptable. Depending on the finish you choose, you can create both a stunning, contemporary feel or a common traditional country style.

Is Textured stone-effect easy to maintain:

Stone-effect is textured and detailed, it creates a multi-toned surface that doesn’t show up streaks or marks easily. This is what makes stone-effect such an ideal choice for any new kitchen. Stone-effect laminate surfaces are easy to maintain and keep clean, resistant to stains and marks – and will stay looking as good as new for years to come. They’re an extremely popular choice for busy family kitchens.

Laminate has been a popular kitchen favourite for many years, and the addition of texture and a stone-effect designs now makes it even more sort after, low maintenance and cleaning to make your life easier within the heart of your home and still creating that luxury look that everyone that see’s it will be envious to have!

Looking for a new stunning German Kitchen then please feel free to enquire with us here at Zest Kitchens Northampton today for your free consultation! Or submit your enquiry via our website contact form, We cover Northampton and all surrounding towns and villages.

Concrete kitchens Northampton Concrete kitchens Northampton Concrete kitchens Northampton
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