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Laminates are the most commonly used work tops, they are practical, hard wearing, and cost effective. Coming in a huge range, you will always find a style and colour that suites your beautiful new kitchen.

A024 Aticos Gold SUR

B033 Bahia Bleu SURF

B049 Butcher Block Light FA

B050 Butcherblock Medium FA

B056 Bahia Beige SURF

B070 Blanc Megève SURF

B039 Black Alaska SURF & GLOSS

B041 Brasilia SURF

C012 Carthage SURF

C030 Cosmic Beige SURF

C069 Cosmic Sahara SURF

C080 Cap Horn SURF & GLOSS

C083 Cuzco Brun SURF & GLOSS

D017 Dakota SURF

D020 Dolmen SURF

E046 Etna Verde SURF

F065 Bergame Forum SURF

G011 Granito Fonce SURF

G046 Granité Beige SURF

G065 Granito Mousse SURF

H018 Beech Normand FA

H030 Steamed Beech FA

I010 Iquitos Noir FA

J015 Jalna SURF

L032 Lima SURF & GLOSS

M003 Maryland Fonce SURF

M036 Mindoro SURF


N023 Nova Saphir SURF

P065 Puno SURF & GLOSS

P065 Puno SURF & GLOSS

S065 Solok SURF

T028 Texas Brun FA

V002 Venise SURF

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